Draft conceptual diagram created by Cultivate.

What is the RiverLine?

The Napa RiverLine is a community initiative to enhance access to and improve the enjoyability of the Napa River.

Primarily located in The Oxbow, the RiverLine is imagined to be a scenic, water-oriented walkway that will help support the habitat of the Napa River while providing an environmental, recreational, social, historic, and economic asset for the community and the region.

The Napa Riverline represents an exciting opportunity to bring an experience like no other to the region. As this preliminary vision articulates, the Napa River’s natural beauty, environmental benefits, and recreational and cultural values make it a treasured, often ignored resource in the Napa region.

Today, as the Napa region experiences growth and climate pressures, the RiverLine represents a prime example of how the community, as responsible stewards, must look at the future continuing to use the adopted “Living River Objectives” as it re-imagines the critical role the Napa River provides.


Diagram from the 2018 ULI Report


The Napa River Flood Project was funded through the passage of County Measure A.

Link: Napa River & Creek Flood Project | Napa County, CA (countyofnapa.org)


Funded through the Napa River Flood Project, the Oxbow River Bypass was built. Additional flood control projects are ongoing. The bypass is designed as a “Living” River concept with the help of Friends of the Napa River, Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, FEMA, and the City.


The Urban Land Institute (ULI) published a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) report focused on The Oxbow. The report called to better orient The Oxbow to the Napa River; the RiverLine stems from this concept.

Link: Napa Oxbow District TAP (2018) | ULI San Francisco


The consultant team from Cultivate re-engaged with stakeholders from the ULI TAP report to produce a Current Conditions Analysis report.


The Oxbow Task Force, made up of property and stakeholders in The Oxbow, convened in 2022 with a subcommittee focused on the Riverline project.


With the help of the Oxbow Task Force and Friends of the Napa River, Cultivate produced a project brochure that outlines the vision and goals of the RiverLine.

Spring 2023

Master students from UC Berkeley examine the RiverLine and Oxbow as part of an urban planning and design studio to generate concepts and ideas. The class's final work is available below.

Guiding Principles

Download the Project Brochure

The RiverLine project brochure was produced by the consultant team from Cultivate through a collected effort from members of The Oxbow Task Force, Friends of the Napa River, and business and property owners within The Oxbow.

"We envision that the Napa River Line will connect locals and visitors to the Napa River in a way never available before."

~Steve Carlin, Founder and Managing Partner of Oxbow Public Market

UC Berkeley Student Project

In Spring 2023, The City of Napa collaborated with city planning masters' students from UC Berkeley to envision design recommendations for The Oxbow. The class developed conceptual ideas around transportation, public space, trails, and development, many of which seek to expand access to the Napa River.

The project deliverables are available to download and view below:

*Note that the student work is intended to be a thought exercise and does not necessarily reflect the City's policies or represent the City's views.

Final student presentation group to stakeholders and staff.

The RiverLine walking tour with students and stakeholders held in January.


If you have questions on the project, please email Brendan Hurley with the City of Napa’s Economic Development Division.


City of Napa Community Development Department

1600 First Street, Napa, CA 94559